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Delta Software Technology GmbH

Delta Software Technology is a specialist for generative software tools automating the modernisation, integration, development and maintenance of individual IT applications. We understand business IT as a living organism that is continuously evolving. Delta Software Technology GmbH
  • 3 Important Steps for the Sustainable Software Modernisation

    You value the reliability, speed and functionality of your COBOL and PL/I applications?
    These applications are an indispensable part of your application landscape for you in the future?
    You want your operational back-end applications to be permanently of good quality?

    But: You also want to implement changes quickly and benefit from new technologies. You want to play it safe with all changes.

    We show you 3 steps that will help you modernise your applications securely and sustainably.

  • msg relies on AMELIO Logic Discovery for modernizing applications

    On behalf of a large insurer, msg Systems ag Switzerland was looking for an analysis tool to rewrite parts of a business-critical core application. For this purpose, a tool should be found that automatically extracts the business logic from the application and displays it clearly so that it can be understood more quickly and transferred into a new language.

    The msg is convinced that AMELIO is a great help with modernization and offers support with the conversion. 

    We would be happy to show you the capabilities of AMELIO Logic Discovery using your examples.

    You can find out more about the project here:

  • Delta Software Technology wishes you Happy Holidays ...

    We wish you and your family:
    Happy and peaceful holidays as well as health, happiness and success for the coming year!

    Dr. Daniela Schilling
    and the team of
    Delta Software Technology

  • Newsletter - Thursday, 10th December 2020

    Newsletter - Thursday, 10th December 2020

    Dear Delta Interessent,

    Home office and social distancing dominated a large part of this year and required organizational changes. Nevertheless, we managed to implement business-critical projects on time and on budget together with our customers and partners. Once again it has been shown how much can be achieved by using automated solutions. We are proud to help our customers and partners to modernize their core applications and their development environments and processes during these difficult times and we say “Thank you” for the flexible and very pleasant cooperation.

    A tip for the end of the year: Plan your product updates and training dates now!

    We wish you happy and relaxing Holidays, as well as a healthy and happy New Year.

    Your Delta Software Technology Team


    • Gothaer Systems starts migrating its IBM IMS Databases
    • LzLabs teams up with Delta Software to ensure seamless application maintenance & development on open systems
    • Insurance company assesses unified Micro Focus development environment with Delta Software
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  • Gothaer Systems starts migrating its IBM IMS Databases

    Together with Delta Software Technology GmbH, Gothaer Systems is consolidating its IMS databases into IBM DB2.

    Gothaer Systems aims to migrate all its data stored in IMS/DB to new DB2 structures. IMS/DB data access calls in the existing COBOL programs (both native and generated with Delta ADS) should be replaced automatically, with the aim of completely replacing the IMS databases. Delta Software Technology offers know-how and the right tools for this task. By building a tailor-made factory with AMELIO Modernization Platform, all necessary steps for the migration can be performed automatically.

    You can find out more about the project here:

  • LzLabs teams up with Delta to ensure seamless application maintenance and development on open systems

    Customers using Delta ADS to generate COBOL or PL/I can continue to run and maintain applications on LzLabs Software Defined Mainframe®

    Many organizations use tooling to facilitate faster development and maintenance of their legacy applications. One example is Delta ADS for COBOL and PL/I, tooling which helps companies maintain online and batch programs, independent of platform specific considerations such as operating system, database management system or monitoring...

    Learn more about LzLabs and Delta Software Technology: